Daya Diamond Token Introduction

Daya Diamond Tokens are backed by high-grade Diamonds and have GIA certifications. They are issued after obtaining experts approval.
Their Price is calculated according to Diamond's global rate and in dollar.When Purchasing and Selling, or Exchanging the price is turned to local currency according to dollar rate. In Conclusion, two Factors of the global growth rate of Diamonds as well as dollar rate fluctuations direcltly affect Daya Diamond Tokens rate. Due to these reasons, Daya Diamond Token is an convenient tool to maintain one's Assests in times of positive and negative growth of dollar rate.

Daya Diamond Tokens are issued on Blockchain Platform and presented in Kuknos Wallet.

Why Diamond Token?

Diamond is one of the most expensive stones in the world. Its stable Stability and price growth over the past decade, has made it a convenient asset for long-term Investments.


Price in dollar

Tokens' Prices are based on backing Diamonds global rate and in Dollar. Therefore, your asset's value change according to current Dollar fluctuations and is similar to digitally buying Dollars.


Diamond's Annual Growth

Over the past few decades, Diamond has been associated with an approximate annual growth of 6% to 12% in comparison to Dollar. Due to its very few rate-fluctuations, it is a great asset for long-term investments.


Easy Refund

You can sell your Token(s) anytime and in any place.You can buy from introduced gold and jewelley stores, or expand your investments and buy new Tokens.


Refund Guarantee

The Refund Guarantee which is being executed by maximum 5% reduction of the current price is one of the advantages of this Token and it reduces the investment risk considerably.


Presell in Installments

You can prebuy Daya Diamond Tokens in Installments. Tokens' rate is calculated according to the Price of the Tokens in time of paying the First Installment. The Installments are paid monthly and in local currency.


Raise a Loan

You can pledge Daya Diamond Tokens as Security and raise a loan. The installments are paid monthly and in local currency. This way you can maintain the value of your assets against the currency rate fluctuations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Install and activate Kuknos Application. Add a trustline to Daya Diamond Token. Now you can buy Daya Diamond Token by payment gateway.
You can download and install Kuknos Token Wallet from all Stores, or simply Click Here.
Yes, by taking part in Tokens' presell in installments plan, you can prebuy the Tokens in Installments and raise a Loan with pledging them as security.